Operation Sandal: How to do a pedicure step by step to show off beautiful feet this spring.

Get your sandals ready and put away your socks because with the good weather… It’s time to show off your beautiful feet to go for a walk!

And in this article we reveal all the keys to show off your pedicure this spring: how to use the fashionable gel pedicure, how to moisturize your feet and take care of your nails.

Let’s get started!

How to do a pedicure step by step

To succeed with an express pedicure at home you don’t need much but you do need to invest a little time, just 30 minutes a week to moisturize, relax, remove hardness and nourish your feet. But we insist… Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself by going to a professional salon!

Your feet will thank you.

First step to a complete pedicure: pedicure jelly

A foot treatment is most relaxing, especially with GEL OOH! Let’s pamper our feet with a foot bath with jelly, a very trendy jelly pedicure (yes, yes, as you read!).

And what does the Jelly Spa pedicure consist of?

This therapy uses a spa gelatin, surprising and very relaxing, as it relieves pain through heat and aromatherapy.

You will notice how your muscles and joints feel less heavy, a feeling of complete relaxation and that it also moisturizes and nourishes your feet, preparing them for the next steps.

pedicure jelly

Lavender, Green Tea, Rose, Citrus or Pearl? Choose the one you like the most! You have 5 different scents to choose from.

How does the Jelly spa work?

This treatment is as pleasant as it is simple, as well as fun.

All you have to do is pour the contents of the first sachet into hot water and upon contact with the water, a reaction is generated that turns it into gelatin. Pure fantasy for your feet!

It is tremendously relaxing and generates a lot of well-being to everyone who tries it. In addition, the jelly spa pedicure provides a light exfoliation by massaging the jelly on the skin in an upward circular motion.

But not all the magic ends here!

Pour the second sachet into the gelatin and see what happens… It returns to its liquid state! Now all that remains is to rinse the feet and legs and dry them with a towel.

What a pleasure!

Step 2: removing calluses and softening cuticles with DURIBLAND

Think of healthy and beautiful feet… What image comes to mind?

Of course, free of corns, calluses, calluses and cuticles and manicured nails.

Especially the cuticles are the most neglected when we do a pedicure at home, a detail that does not go unnoticed in a professional pedicure.

Fortunately, we have products like Duribland to make our lives easier.

You don’t know this product yet? The most important thing to know is that its dual use as a foot callus remover and cuticle softening agent is infallible.

And it does not damage the skin! Contrary to what can happen with a foot scaler or razor blade.

How to use duribland callus and corns softener?

This product is well known by esthetics professionals. And no wonder! It is a great ally in pedicures.

You can use it in a similar way for both calluses and cuticles, varying only the time you should leave it on and the foot tool:

  • 3 to 5 minutes and an orange stick for cuticles.
  • 10 minutes and a spatula for hardness (you can repeat until you reach the desired level).

Once you remove it… Voilà! You will notice the difference in the final result.

eliminador de durezas de pies

Step 3: Nourish and moisturize cuticles!

Our feet are exposed daily to friction and friction and aggressionsThey need to be cared for to maintain the elasticity and health of the skin.

cuticle regenerating oil MASNAILS
quickly absorbed, nourishes and intensely nourishes and moisturizes and conditions the cuticle.

Due to its composition rich in sweet almond oil and vitamin E, helps to protect and soften the surface of the nailThe plant’s healthy growth is favored. Don’t forget that vitamin E has antioxidant properties!

After a restorative shower, massage cuticles, heels and areas prone to dryness and calluses with a few drops of the oil over the entire surface.

Your skin will thank you! And the environment as well, since, as the all Masnails productsproducts, is vegan, cruelty free and paraben free.

Fourth and final step: care for your nails with a good base coat

And last but not least… Our nails! To conclude a beautiful pedicure it is very important to use at the end a base coat that protects and nourishes the nails, no matter if we are doing a pedicure without polish. pedicure without polish.

We recommend applying the
nourishing and vitaminized MASNAILS
which, in addition to having a 10 FREEformulation, includes keratin keratin in its composition, an essential protein in the composition and that guarantees the hardness of the nails.

It is also formulated with castor oilwhich provides elasticity and strengthens deep into the layers of the nails, increasing their resistance, and Nutrioilan asset rich in 100% natural vegetable ceramides from rosehip, paramela and jojoba, and which provides fatty acids to the nails to keep you hydrated.

pedicura sin esmalte

Do you have any doubts? We recommend you to go to a professional salon where they will help you pamper and prepare your feet for spring!

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