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Portada » News » What is flash remover and why is it going to revolutionize semi-permanent enameling?

What is flash remover and why is it going to revolutionize semi-permanent enameling?

Imagine the day comes when you don’t have to use absorbent cotton soaked in nail polish remover or acetone to remove your semi-permanent nails. semi-permanent nails. No aluminum remover strips, no files, no nail clippers, no thimbles or silicone clips.

A single product that is applied like a normal nail polish on the nails. You wait a few minutes and… Voilà! Almost by magic, the semi-permanent enamel has stood up by itself!

It may seem like a distant dream, but the truth is that it is already a reality.

The day has come.

Introducing the Flash Remover, the new product you’ll love to have in your salon!

The best thing you’ve seen, probably, in a long time.

And be careful, because it is also vegan is vegan and formulated with plant-based ingredients.

So say goodbye to the method you have been using so far in your semi-permanent manicure services. semi-permanent manicure services… Because this product will become your great ally.

And why am I so sure?

Because we have already tested it and seen the results with our own eyes.

Do you want to know more? Don’t miss this article. I tell you ALL about it below.

Flash Remover: the fastest, easiest and most gentle nail polish remover for semi-permanent nails

Flash Remover is set to become the new best friend of professionals, but also of their clients.


Nowadays more and more women are daring to show off impeccable nails, and of course I’m not just talking about celebrities, but about all women who want to take care and pamper their hands.

However, lack of time is a constant in our rhythm of life, so the semi-permanent manicure has become the star service of all beauty salons.

Its durability, resistance and versatility make it the best solution to show off impeccable hands without succumbing to the rhythm of our day-to-day life.

But like everything else, it does not last forever. And it’s always time to come back to the salon for an update.

It goes without saying that it is often cumbersome to remove permanent nail polish permanent nail polish is often.

A whole assortment of products such as thimbles or silicone clips, files, lathe, nail polish remover with acetone… to be able to work quickly so that the client leaves happy and that you, as a professional, can make a profit.

But don’t worry because your prayers have been answered… And with this product you will make your business more profitable and sustainable.

A win-win cosmetic… Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Benefits of flash remover vs. traditional semi-permanent nail polish remover

What makes this product so different and innovative?

Compared to traditional removers for semi permanent enamelFlash Remover provides a series of benefits and advantages that make it more competitive and profitable:

  • The Flash Remover is faster, taking less than 6 minutes to lift the permanent polish from its application.
  • It does not damage the nail plate, instead of working with a lathe.
  • You do not need additional products such as a file, cotton, thimbles or nail polish remover to remove the permanent manicure.
  • It is respectful of the health of your hands.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • It does not contain acetone, parabens or other toxic substances.

These benefits are undoubtedly a great advantage and make it an excellent choice for a more cost-effective cosmetic to work with on a daily basis, saving you time and money on every manicure.This will increase your margin and profits on each manicure service, as opposed to the other traditional methods you have been using.

¿Cómo quitar esmalte semipermanente con Flash Remover?

Trabajar con el Flash Remover es muy rápido y sencillo.

  1. Lima suavemente para quitar la capa de brillo.
  2. Aplica una capa generosa de flash remover directamente sobre la manicura semipermanente y con cuidado de no tocar las cutículas.
  3. Deja actuar de 2,5 a 6 minutos* y verás cómo comienza a agrietarse y levantarse el esmalte permanente.
  4. Puedes utilizar sencillamente una celulosa y un palito de naranjo o pusher (empujador de cutículas) para retirarlo, con cuidado de no apretar demasiado para no dañar la lámina de la uña.

¡Y uñas listas en un pis pas para volver a esmaltar!

*Nota: Debes tener en cuenta que en aquellos esmaltes que se quitan con mucha dificultad necesitarán hacer más hincapié en el limado y ser más paciente que con los esmaltes de las marcas principales, donde su efecto se aprecia más rápido.

¿Dónde comprar Flash Remover?

Lo sé, este va a ser el nuevo “producto del deseo” para todas las manicuristas.

¡Así que hazte con el tuyo ya y antes de que se agoten!

Puedes conseguirlo en la tienda online de Cosméticos Foráneos aquí y en los mejores distribuidores profesionales.

¡Estoy segura que en el momento en que lo pruebes no querrás otro removedor de esmalte semipermanente!

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