Maderoterapia Reducing Massage: What does it consist of?

How long have you been looking to tone and reduce certain areas of your body without much success?

Write this down: what you need is a wood therapy treatment , a reducing massage with Maderocare by Cosméticos Foráneos.

Why? Because it has it all!

Wood therapy is revolutionizing the aesthetic sector (and not for nothing). It is a non-invasive manual technique that uses different natural elements made of wood (hence its name).

The best part? It gives excellent results and helps to tone, reaffirm and improve various areas of our body.

Massage with wood therapy: Benefits

How good is the massage with wood therapy?

We start from the premise that flaccidity is a skin problem that must be worked on muscularly, and that is why wood therapy is so interesting.

In addition to toning, this reducing massage is very relaxing, so you can use it as your moment of self-care and rest to release muscle tension caused by stress in areas that we all know very well, such as back or neck.

And you won’t just notice it, your cells will too! The massage with wood therapy activates cell renewal, firms, tones and shapes the body contour.

As the saying goes, “mens sana in corpore sano”, or, in other words, the balance between mental and physical wellbeing that we seek so much from a dual approach.

No wonder it is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments!

However, we must not forget that in order to achieve better results and maintain them in the long term, wood therapy must be combined with physical exercise, an adequate diet and, of course, the inoculation of active ingredients, such as the 0.5% organic silicon ampoulesThe skin tissue is reconstituted by stimulating collagen and elastin.

This combination is the key to toning and eliminating flaccidity using wood therapy.

A high impact treatment with visible results from the first sessions.

What does a reduction massage with wood therapy consist of?

Undoubtedly, as spring arrives and summer approaches, body slimming and firming treatments, along with anti-cellulite, are among the most demanded in beauty centers.

Wood therapy provides great results to work and shape the figure, but also to tone and improve skin elasticity as I have been telling you.

Depending on the area of the body to be worked, each instrument has a specific function, since different areas are worked according to the needs of each person, such as arms, body contouring, back, thighs and, above all, the abdominal area.

Up to 9 different wood therapy instruments are used in each session!

Wood therapy tools

And at this point you may wonder:

What wooden massage tools are needed?

For this treatment to be really effective and to achieve long-lasting results, we must take into account that each tool has a function or is used to work on a specific application area, so it will be necessary to have different tools.

Not all of them serve the same purpose, nor are there any wild cards or master formulas. Even the size of theinstruments used to perform wood therapy in each session matters!

For this reason Cosméticos Foráneos has been committed for more than 10 years to bring the most innovative treatments and tools so that professionals in the aesthetic sector can meet all the needs of their clients, achieving the best results.

Within the range of wood therapy utensils you can find more than 30 such as rollers, Swedish cups, boards, …and even the now famous mushrooms.

What is each one used for? Read on!

Rollers: these tools are essential in the reduction and firming treatment with wood therapy. You can use the cube roller, the five-piece roller, the ribbed roller and the curved roller to activate the circulatory and lymphatic systems and facilitate the elimination of adipocytes.

Important note* The five-piece roller should always be the first contact of the leather with the wood and is used to prepare it for treatment while the curved roller is designed to work the sides of the silhouette.

Tables: the molding table is used together with the map table. While the former is used to drain fat, eliminate toxins and redefine the figure, the map table is more suitable for smaller application areas such as arms and legs.

Swedish cups: if we think of wood therapy, Swedish cups are undoubtedly the first image that comes to mind. Thanks to its suction effect, it generates a negative pressure or suction to treat localized adiposity and shape the waist, buttocks, thighs or abdomen. The best thing is that these instruments are available in different sizes and dimensions.

material para hacer maderoterapia

Mushroom: are undoubtedly a beautician’s best friend. Its design and shape resembles the knuckles of the hands, which facilitates the work when performing reducing and firming treatments, exerting more and more constant pressure on the area to be treated. It is frequently used to break up and mobilize the adipose panniculus easily and with little effort. It is very comfortable as it is available in two sizes and with an ergonomic handle, contributing to achieve more precise results.

Innovation is constant, so new and exclusive tools are constantly being incorporated. wood therapy tools from Colombia, a country from Colombia, a country where this millenary technique has been practiced and perfected for decades.

An example of this are dumbbells or massage belts in order to improve comfort and control efforts while increasing efficiency.

Do you have any doubts? Leave us your message in the comments!

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