• It not only helps to reduce stress levels, but also activates cell renewal, firms and tones the body, shapes the body contour and is also beneficial to combat various muscular discomforts such as back or neck pain.
  • However, to be effective and achieve high-impact, long-lasting results, the necessary skills and tools must be in place. Not all of them are good for the same thing and not all of them are good for everything. There are more than 30 different ones and these are the must-haves.

Madrid, March 29, 2022. Maderocare by Cosméticos Foráneos has it all. High impact and visible effects after the first sessions, it helps to reduce stress levels, is beneficial to combat different muscular discomforts such as back or neck pain and also activates cell renewal, reaffirms, tones and shapes the body contour. Health, beauty and wellness from a dual approach: both mental and physical. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments.

However, to be truly effective and provide long-lasting results, the first thing to keep in mind is that a few tools are not enough for all treatments and that each one has its own specific function or area of application. Not all of them serve the same purpose, nor are there any wild cards or master formulas. Even size matters when it comes to wood therapy sessions!

For this reason, Cosméticos Foraneos, a leading company in the distribution and marketing of professional beauty products and training for more than 10 years, has in its catalog the widest range of instruments specifically designed to get the most out of wood therapy. In total more than 30 references, including rollers, Swedish glasses, tables, …and even the now famous mushrooms. All brought directly from Colombia, where this ancient technique has been practiced and perfected for decades. In addition, as a result of this constant innovation, new and exclusive tools such as dumbbells or massage belts are being incorporated to improve comfort and control efforts while increasing efficiency.

There are several wood therapy treatments with very different objectives and each one has its own instruments to achieve them. The most well-known, widespread and in demand are anti-cellulite, slimming, firming and body shaping products. However, the possibilities go far beyond that. They are increasingly used for muscle relaxation purposes or even in certain facial applications . Thus, Maderocare by Cosméticos Foráneos has everything you need to perform them.


The star treatment in all beauty salons and esthetic cabins, along with anti-cellulite treatments with the arrival of spring. Slimming and firming wood therapy, as its name suggests, is focused on shaping and redefining the figure, but also on toning and improving skin elasticity. In this way, we work on arms, body contouring, back, thighs and, above all, the abdominal area. So, to achieve improved appearance and definition, not every tool will work for everything. It depends on the part of the body on which it is applied and each one has a specific function. Thus, up to 9 different instruments must be used in each session:

Rollers: up to four different types, although there are some more. Essential in the reduction and reaffirmation are the cube, the five-piece, the striated cob and the curved, with the aim of activating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and facilitating the elimination of adipocytes. For example, the five-piece roller should always be the first contact of the skin with the wood and is used to prepare it for treatment, while the curved roller is designed to work the sides of the silhouette. Everything fits perfectly with Maderocare by Cosméticos Foráneos.

Tables: only two, but no less important. The most well known is the molding one, which helps to drain fat, favors the elimination of toxins and redefines the figure. However, it is not enough and the map table is also necessary. Same effects, but due to its particular shapes and profiles it is more suitable for smaller application areas such as arms and legs.

Swedish cups: Undoubtedly, the most recognizable wood therapy tool. Suction effect when in contact with the skin generating a negative pressure or suction to treat localized adiposity and shape waist, buttocks, thighs or abdomen. Also, as with all of the above instruments, size does matter and they are available in different sizes and dimensions.

Mushroom: the last on the list, but not the least important. It is a great help for beauticians because of its particular design and shape it replaces the knuckles when performing the reducing and firming treatment with wood therapy. More pressure and on a more constant basis. It is mainly used to break up and mobilize, easily and with little effort, the adipose panniculus. Two sizes available: large with 14 pressure points and small with 7. This means maximum comfort at all times thanks to the ergonomic handle and, above all, more precise results.

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