Is wood therapy effective for cellulite? This is how it works

When the good weather approaches, concerns and complexes about certain areas of our body return and with it we begin to wonder what helps to eliminate cellulite and flaccidity in the hips, thighs, abdomen and legs.

This is undoubtedly one of the issues that most interests and worries both men and women and which is worked on with different techniques in beauty centers.

One of the latest techniques and one that is on the lips of all professionals is wood therapy.

What does this novel treatment consist of?

We tell you all about it in this article. Read on!

What is wood therapy?

Wood therapy is one of the most fashionable and demanded aesthetic treatments in beauty centers to get rid of orange peel skin.

Coming from the oriental culture, it has been in the last decade when it has gained more attention thanks to its effectiveness as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Massage with wood therapy benefits

Through the use of different wooden tools and following a procedure according to the area to be treated, wood therapy is a technique used to tone, reduce fluid retention and eliminate localized fat, stimulating the production of elastin.

The best thing about this body treatment (which also has its application in facial treatments) is that it is painless and relaxing, since it is performed through massages.

Who wouldn’t want to improve their figure while relaxing and being pampered?

This is one of the reasons why cellulite removal with maderoterpia is an increasingly demanded treatment in beauty centers.

How to eliminate cellulite with wood therapy?

As we have been telling you, to eliminate cellulite with massages it is first necessary to determine the area to be treated, as well as the type of cellulite to work on.

Cellulite on the abdomen, arms or hips is not the same.

The range of wood therapy products is wide and knowing how to choose the most appropriate one and how to use it is fundamental.

That is why at Cosméticos Foráneos we are always committed to training as the key to the success of an aesthetic treatment. Because the result is not only positive for the person with needs to be treated, but also for the professional.

Benefits of cellulite wood therapy

Combating orange peel skin with wood therapy has multiple advantages, from toning the skin and reducing accumulated fat to activating the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

These are the benefits of wood therapy for cellulite:

  • Stimulates blood microcirculation
  • Helps reduce and eliminate excess body fat
  • Combats cellulite in a non-invasive way, producing volume loss in arms, belly, legs, hips and arms.
  • Accelerates metabolism to burn body fat
  • Activates the lymphatic system
  • Minimizes fluid retention
  • Lifts and slims the buttocks
  • Firms, tightens, tones and tones
  • It is a technique with visible effect and high impact from the first sessions.
  • Visibly improves the appearance of the skin and activates the production of collagen, elastin and vitamin E, favoring the elasticity of the dermis.
  • It is a natural and affordable technique for all budgets.

There is no doubt why wood therapy is having a great success among the most effective anti-cellulite body treatments.

How many anti-cellulite wood therapy sessions are needed to see results?

Wood therapy shows visible results against cellulite from the first session.

In other words, you will be able to notice the results on your skin as soon as the therapist finishes the first massage.

Of course, we must take into account that there are different degrees of cellulite, so to achieve better results it will be necessary to identify it, for which we recommend you to go to a professional who will tell you the procedure to follow to achieve the desired results.

Degrees of cellulite and its treatments

Did you know that there are 4 different types of cellulite? And unlike what many people think, cellulite is not always related to excess weight, since diet, fluid retention and sedentary lifestyle are also factors that influence it.

Experts say that it affects 9 out of 10 women, so it is a very common alteration and to solve it it is necessary to make a very accurate diagnosis as we told you above.

According to the classification given by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), there are several types of cellulite and it has fourphases. How can you identify them? I’ll tell you about it below:

  • Grade 1: Stand in front of a mirror while standing or lying down. Do you notice if, when compressing the skin between the fingers, the “orange peel” effect does not appear?
  • Grade 2: If you see that the skin appears smooth when standing or lying down but when pinched between the fingers or when contracting the muscles, orange peel skin appears, it is grade 2.
  • Grade 3: The skin looks smooth when lying down, but orange peel skin appears when standing up.
  • Grade 4: There is cellulitis with or without pinching, standing and lying down. It is common in women after menopause and overweight.

We can also determine the type of cellulite to be treated based on the consistency of the skin:

  • Hard: It is common in young women who do physical exercise. The tissues appear toned, stiff and hard to the touch. It is usually associated with striae and would correspond to grade 2.
  • Flaccid: It occurs mainly in women who have lost a lot of weight rapidly, as well as in women with little activity. We identify it because the tissues appear soft and sway with movement.
  • Edematous: It is the most severe and at the same time the least frequently encountered. Occasional pain and swelling of the lower limbs accompanies this type of cellulitis.
  • Mixed: Did you know that most often more than one type of cellulite is present in different areas in the same person?

Increases the efficacy of cellulite wood therapy with active ingredients

Is it possible to achieve greater results by including active ingredients in the treatment with wood therapy?

Good news! Yes it is!

In fact, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) also endorses the use of certain active ingredients that improve the appearance of cellulite.

Thanks to the topical application of the active ingredients of the Foreign Cosmetics treatments, the effects of wood therapy can be enhanced.

And the best thing is that not only do we get to look and feel better, but also the effect is longer lasting from the first session in which these assets are applied.

However, we must not forget that each body reacts differently. Therefore, the key is consistency.

Centella asiatica ampoules 2%.

Laura Casado, trainer of Foreign Cosmetics, explains very well how they benefit us in the treatment of cellulite:

“…due to their small molecular weight, they can easily penetrate into deeper layers of the areas being worked on and improve the appearance of orange peel skin. Thus, with their effect they help to enhance the drainage of liquids, stimulate microcirculation, facilitate the degradation of adipocyte mass, improve the appearance of orange peel skin and collaborate in tissue firming. Therefore, they help to obtain faster and more visible results through the sum of techniques and active ingredients”.

Benefits that, on the other hand, are summarized by Soraya Márquez, also a trainer at Cosméticos Foráneos:

  • Artichoke 2%: stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Caffeine 2%: enhances diuresis and lipolysis of adipocytes.
  • Centella asiatica 2%: very effective in treatments to reduce localized cellulite.
  • L-carnitine 20%: for stretch marks and scars. It also has a firming and reducing effect.
  • Organic silicon 0.5%: for its powerful firming effect.
  • Vitamin C 20%: for radiance and elasticity.

Do you want to know more about these active ingredients? Click here.

Do you still have doubts about how wood therapy can help you fight cellulite? Would you like to receive more information about these products? Did you like this article? Tell us about it in the comments!

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