What happened to German Chemistry?

“Cessation of the sale of the hardener of Química Alemana”. And with one sentence, from one day to the next, your favorite nail hardener disappears from the market. A product that was, according to the beauticians, almost magical. Does this mean you have been applying something toxic to your clients? How are we going to … Read more

How to use hyaluronic acid to increase its benefits

No matter how many facial treatments there are, hyaluronic acid is still king. And it will be very difficult to unseat him. Because every time a new cosmetic asset enters the scene, it serves as a ladder. That is its most powerful weapon: when combined, its benefits are multiplied. Your objective? Get the most out … Read more

Dermapen, Hydrapen and Hyaluronpen. What is each one used for?

They are pen-shaped, serve to introduce cosmetic actives into the first layer of the skin and are revolutionizing the aesthetics sector. So far, so clear. But if you are going to choose the system with which you are going to perform your treatments, it would be better not to be guided only by its price. … Read more

Can washing our hands so much weaken our nails?

You may not have thought about it at first. It is logical: hand hygiene is unquestionable (and even more so in these times). But the truth is that more and more people go to nail salons with weak nails. Our habits have changed and our nails, like the rest of our body, must adapt. First, … Read more