Are hands the great forgotten of manicure?

Have you ever stopped to think why we use so many products to make our nails perfect and so few (or none) for the ones that give the manicure its name?

It is as paradoxical as it is real.

We strive to make our facial skin look smooth, luminous and spotless… And we forget that our hands also reflect the passage of time. Our hands are a sign of our age, a symbol of our work and the ones in charge of carrying that part of the body so valuable for our business: the nails.

Imagine wearing some amazing shoes for the first time and combining them with that dress you adore but have already worn so many times that it has lost its original color. The dress is still gorgeous, of course. But it’s also clear that your new shoes won’t look the same.

What if we told you that there is a way to get your dress back to the shine it had when you bought it?

The cosmetics industry has done it!

Be my Glow
Hand treatment with Bymglow. Find the right shade for every skin tone by clicking here.

Bymglow is an aesthetic treatment that hydrates and illuminates the skin, homogenizes the tone, reduces wrinkles and spots… Whatever your hands need.

We work with Dermapen Dermapen: a non-injectable device that introduces the desired active ingredients into the epidermis thanks to its microtipped heads. Among the most commonly used assets are Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizes and reduces wrinkles), DMAE (with tightening effect), Silicon (helps collagen formation)… there are endless possibilities. You can see them all on our website.

It is a device for cosmetic use, so it is completely safe for use in beauty salons.

Benefits that this hand treatment can bring to your business:

  • Diversification.

I’m sure you’ve already wondered, and yes, Bymglow is also designed to be applied to the face and décolleté. You just have to choose the right head and the combination of specific active ingredients for each area of the body.

  • Differentiation.

Bymglow is the complement a manicure needs. Your clients will have hands at the height of their nails and your salon will have an innovative service compared to other centers.

  • Extra income.

By now it’s clear: without this service you are losing an opportunity to make money on every manicure.

In short: in just 30 minutes, you will be able to offer an effective service that enriches your salon and sets it apart from others.

Want to know how to get the most out of Bymglow?

Sign up for any of our courses. In them you will learn how to use the Dermapen not only for a hand treatment: we will teach you how to apply any active ingredient on different areas of the body. Click here to get all the information.

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