starter starter kit

10 VIALS. 8 vials of BYMGLOW of 8 ml each and 2 vials of hyaluronic acid of 5 ml each + 2 application cannulas. For professional non-injectable use.

Complete cosmetic kit without derma electric pen

Starter kit consisting of: 10 VIALS of 8 ml each: 8 BYMGLOW + 2 application cannulas+ 3.5% hyaluronic acid and 1% hyaluronic acid+dmae+silicon. Proteoglycans: 30 vials of 2ml/u. Biogel facial mask DN64- 5 units. 1 unit of electric derma pen. 2 application heads


It refers to that aesthetic and spiritual micro-need that can be easily satisfied with Foreign Cosmetics treatments. There are formulas for everything, including mathematics to determine the saddest day of the year. January’s uphill, the bad weather, the shorter days and the long time left until the next holiday make next Monday the 17th the … Read more

How to use hyaluronic acid to increase its benefits

No matter how many facial treatments there are, hyaluronic acid is still king. And it will be very difficult to unseat him. Because every time a new cosmetic asset enters the scene, it serves as a ladder. That is its most powerful weapon: when combined, its benefits are multiplied. Your objective? Get the most out … Read more

Dermapen, Hydrapen and Hyaluronpen. What is each one used for?

They are pen-shaped, serve to introduce cosmetic actives into the first layer of the skin and are revolutionizing the aesthetics sector. So far, so clear. But if you are going to choose the system with which you are going to perform your treatments, it would be better not to be guided only by its price. … Read more

Are hands the great forgotten of manicure?

Have you ever stopped to think why we use so many products to make our nails perfect and so few (or none) for the ones that give the manicure its name? It is as paradoxical as it is real. We strive to make our facial skin look smooth, luminous and spotless… And we forget that … Read more