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Health, Beauty and wellness 

Maderotherapy is already one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments. There is hardly anyone left who has not heard of its benefits or who does not want to try it. It provides well-being, beauty and health from a double approach: both mental and physical. With high impact and visible effects after the first sessions, it not only activates cell renewal, firms and tones the body, and shapes the contour, but also helps reduce stress levels and is beneficial for combating different source discomforts. muscles such as back or neck pain. Essential in any beauty salon or beauty salon. Health, beauty and wellness

Maderotherapy stimulates blood microcirculation; helps to reduce and eliminate excess natural fat and cellulite in a non-invasive way, causing loss of volume in the arms, belly, legs and hips; speed up metabolism to burn body fat; activates the lymphatic system; minimizes fluid retention; lifts and shapes the buttocks; firms, smoothes and tones the skin...

In addition, it reduces stress, relaxes the mind and body, relieving physical and mental tension, and improves the quality of sleep. All through a holistic massage technique with wooden elements specially designed for each part of the body or application. The benefits of maderotherapy go beyond anti-cellulite, reducing and firming treatments. It is also used in facial applications and for relaxation purposes.

Enhance the effect of wood therapy with cosmetic treatments.otenciar el efecto de la maderoterapia con los tratamientos cosméticos.

Visible, high-impact and lasting results from the first session, but without forgetting that each body reacts in a different way.

The key is in the constancy. One session is never enough to get the most out of it. In addition, the maderoterapia action can be complemented with other products that, through the creation of synergies, enhance its benefits.

For this reason, we have developed a wide and complete range of facial and body treatments with active ingredients such as artichoke, caffeine, gotu kola, L-carnitine or organic silicon, among others, which, applied topically during each session, help to achieve faster the desired goal. Maderotherapy is not only compatible with other protocols and products, but also enhances their effect, creating synergies that help to reach the goal sooner.

Thanks to their small molecular weight, they easily penetrate deeper layers of the areas in which they are working and improving. Thus, with their effect they help to enhance fluid drainage, stimulate microcirculation, facilitate the breakdown of adipocyte mass, improve the appearance of orange peel skin and collaborate in tissue reaffirmation. Therefore, they help to obtain faster and more visible results by adding techniques and assets.

Beneficios :

  • Artichoke 2%: stimulation of the lymphatic system in facial and body treatments.
  • Caffeine 2%: diuresis and lipolysis of adipocytes in the body and chin.
  • Centella asiatica 2%: for localized cellulite treatments.
  • L-carnitine 20%: in stretch marks and scars. Also firming and reducing.
  • 0.5% organic silicon: for its powerful firming effect.
  • Vitamin C 20%: to provide luminosity and elasticity to the face and body.
  • Proteoglycans: extra hydration in facial treatments.

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