Hydra Pen H2

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The hydrapen is one of the most absorbent cosmetic fluid application systems. Pierces the skin up to 0.3ml and naturally stimulates collagen and elastin.a

It is an innovative technology in the field of aesthetics. Its features, its durability, its size and its unbeatable value for money make it the best and safest applicator for professionals on the market.

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Main indications depending on the cosmetic fluid that we introduce: Reduce wrinkles and marks, increase the level of collagen, eliminate stretch marks and facial lines, restore skin elasticity, stimulate a healthy glow.

How the Hydra pen works: Electric: It’s as simple as an electric toothbrush.

It has 4 intensity/speed levels that you can see on the digital display. No pain, you barely feel a tickle. Head pods are easy to insert.

Use in beauty salon. The 100-point nano heads are for the application of the chosen fluid in facial treatments.

With the Hydra Pen we do not regulate the depth, the exit of the tip is already prepared and thus you will never go deeper. It is perfect for fine skin or sensitive areas.

The Hydra Pen uses specific heads, not compatible with electric derma pen. Use 12-point heads or 100-point nano heads (HS or HR).

It comes with two heads of any of these references. 2 fixing rings. An adapter to the electrical network with a USB socket.

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