Nano cannula heads x10 of 100 tips

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There are 3D/5D and nano. Use with derma electric pen.

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This head is used for dragging chemical peels, in eye contours or in the application of BYMGLOW and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid.

In general in facials. It is ideal in treatments for very sensitive skin. They are the finest tips.

The diameter is not standard, it can be RD/3D/5D. The length is regulated with the device with which you work, being able to adapt to a greater or lesser depth.

RD (rounded shape): ideal for the introduction of nutrients, anti-wrinkle treatments and skin elevation.

3D/5D( square shape, 3D is thinner in diameter than 5D): fit for delicate skin around eyes, lifting, repairing, cellulite reduction and hair loss treatments.

You can sterilize the tips prior to use. Tips are sterile and individually sealed, designed to be disposable to prevent cross contamination and infection. These devices must be kept out of the reach of children.

EMBEDDED SYSTEM: SCREW/ THREAD (there is 3D/5D and nano). BAYONET / PRESSURE only available (nano). CHOOSE THE ONE YOU NEED

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