Hyaluronic acid x5 vials 1% non-crosslinked+DMAE 1% 0.5% silicon

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It has a firming, anti-sagging, anti-stretch mark action. Provides strength and firmness to the skin. El DMAE ayuda a la formación de elastina , tiene un notable efecto tensor, y consigue un potente efecto lifting debido al alto contenido.

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DMAE also stimulates cell metabolism. It may be ideal for young or middle-aged skin. Silicon helps the formation of collagen. It must be applied with circular movements to introduce the same amount of product in all areas. 4 passes are made, then we perform a facial massage and finish with warm water. For application on the lip or any other part of the face, it must be done with extreme caution and you must have extensive experience. In any case, to achieve optimal results, apply skilfully and between 3/6 sessions, since these are areas that are very difficult to match. With 1 ml a complete facial treatment is performed. With 1.5/2 ml a treatment is performed that covers the face, neck and décolleté. It is applied without needles. dermal use. Its application is recommended with Derma Electric Pen or Hydrapen H2.

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