Aqua cross-linked hyaluronic acid kit for medium wrinkles and volume

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Cross-linked, absorbable and sterile. It is applied without needles. dermal use.

Look for natural results.

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Function: Augmentation of soft tissues, lips, forehead, cheekbones, periocular and nasolabial area.

Use for wrinkles and to increase volume.

Perfectly hydrates any part of the face. It can be applied to the lip or any other part of the face but with extreme caution and extensive experience must be had. In the case of the lip and under normal circumstances it would be the ideal one to achieve volume. Perform between 3/6 sessions, since these are areas that are very difficult to match.

Max duration Approximately 6 to 12 months, depending on the client’s skin condition and the number of applications, which is recommended every 7/15 days approximately. Not injectable. It comes in a pre-filled syringe.

For really volume you need a molecular weight of HA 20 mg/ml. When applied to highly concentrated areas, 1 ml of product is enough for a deep line or lip session.

Each box contains: 1 syringe in a blue blister pack, 2 cannulas for acid, 1 transparent for easy and another yellowish for body. 2 Needles to extract the selected acid from the vial 2 labels with the batch number to put it on the client’s file. Contains 1 vial of 1 ml. It does not contain preservatives, it is advisable to make full use of the ampoule with the same client.

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