German Chemistry returns to Europe with Cosméticos Foráneos!

Without formaldehyde, vitaminized and with all the benefits of the best nail hardener in the world

German Chemistry returns to Europe with Cosméticos Foráneos! without formaldehyde and almost a year after its withdrawal from the market by the Spanish Medicines Agency, the #1 selling nail hardener worldwide, has been reformulated to adapt to the current European Union regulations for cosmetic products, but without giving up its great benefits. Quite the opposite. More vitamins and now with minerals, enzymes and essential amino acids that protect them from environmental aggressions and favor their normal development and improve their appearance.

With proven efficacy and almost immediate effects. Again, goodbye to weak and brittle nails, brittle, flaking or breaking in layers, thin, dull or very slow growing. Now they will be much stronger, longer, healthier, and their growth will accelerate. It serves as a base and shine, but its benefits do not end there. It generates a protective layer that prevents breakage and corrects weight loss with visible results in a very short time. Without a doubt, one of the most recommended treatments by manicurists and, of course, the favorite of all their clients returns at one of the best possible moments.

You know… the hands are the part of the body that is most interacted with and the most visible. They say a lot about personality, but also about life habits or even food. Therefore, they are also, along with the face, the most exposed to everything that surrounds them. The rain and the cold of winter, the temperature contrasts, the dry environments due to heating and even the prolonged use of gloves aggravate some of these small problems and the arrival of good weather will not solve them by itself either.

The sun, the chlorine of the pool and the salt of the sea water, the rubbing of the sand on the beach,… Summer is synonymous with more time outdoors and all this influences, and a lot, hands and nails. Getting weaker. The solution is simpler than it seems with the new formula of German Chemistry.

Innovative German Chemical Nail Hardener

More health, beauty and well-being for your nails with Foreign Cosmetics and the new formula from Química Alemana! Developed with advanced biotechnology, it has not only eliminated formaldehyde from its formulation, as required by the European Union in cosmetic products. Unique on the market, same essence as before, but enriched with vitamins A, B, C, E and Biotin. It also incorporates minerals, enzymes and amino acids, which renews them with proven and proven efficacy. It does not generate irritation in the cuticle, nor burning in the skin. It can be used daily and has everything, except harmful substances, for nails that are always healthy, strong and free of imperfections.

In addition, using it is as simple as counting to three: 1. Shake before use, clean the nails and dry them carefully. 2. Apply over the entire surface as if it were enamel. Every day if necessary because it also 3. serves as a base and shine. Then you just have to let it dry for a few minutes. The recommended retail price of the innovative German Chemical nail hardener is 17 euros (12 euros, for professionals) and it is already available for sale throughout Europe. Ask your manicurist! In addition, at there is everything you need for a perfect professional manicure. Raise your hand who is not willing to try it!

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