Bymglow Clear Skin Whiter Prototype 5 vials

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It has a slight pink hue

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Cosmetic that provides coverage and uniformity to the skin tone. It does not leave a layer feeling like a makeup.

Attenuates spots, rejuvenates and softens expression lines. It does not contain iron residues in its composition, so it does not cause yellowish or orange stains. A natural glow for all skin types, it was born to give it a touch of light, making our clients’ skin look more natural.

It is a style that allows you to leave a radiant and luminous face, as if the light came from the skin and not from an illuminator. On the neck and décolleté its function is to rejuvenate and on the hands to avoid or attenuate blemishes and achieve a younger looking skin.

BYMGLOW by Cosméticos Foráneos does not cover imperfections, but blurs them progressively, hence its “permanent makeup” effect. Eliminates or reduces blemishes on the hands and face, reduces the size of large pores, reduces dark circles, smoothes expression lines, brightens the tone and deeply hydrates our skin.

This treatment can never be aggressive for the skin.

It should remain in the horny epidermal layer (0.21/0.30) never in depth. You should work every 2/3 weeks, depending on the sensitivity of the client, the maximum can be 6 sessions and then maintenance per month.

It cannot leave encapsulated residues.

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