Cosmeticos Foráneos brings to Spain the authentic wood therapy

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Maderotherapy is an ancient oriental tradition that has been perfected in Colombia and now from Cosméticos Foráneos. We bring it to Spain to improve health, beauty and well-being.

This theraphy is a Cosmetic treatment with results from the first session. Wood is credited with the ability to channel and balance energy. In addition to controlling blood circulation, growth and improvement of muscle tone.

The Asian tradition was brought to Colombia to be applied for aesthetic purposes, but without losing its holistic approach. There it has been improved and developed in the form of massage to bring immense benefits.

Foreign Cosmetics has a long history in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics offering the best services for the professional. In addition, to have the best expert trainers with more than 10 years of experience teaching classes.


Malaga wood therapy course

18th of April
25th of April
9th of May


Maderotherapy course Santander

2nd of May


Maderotherapy course Madrid

25th of April


Valladolid wood therapy cours

25th of April


Curso maderoterapia La Coruña (Padrón)

18th of April
25th of April


Wood therapy course Valencia

4th of April


Wood therapy course Asturias-Langreo

28th of March


Wood therapy course in Sevilla

4th of April


Wood therapy course in Salamanca

5th of April
26th of April


Wood Therapy course in Barcelona-Tarrasa

25th of April


Wood Therapy course in Oviedo

8th of May


Wood Therapy course in Alicante

15th of May

Some benefits of maderotherapy so you should include it in your beauty center:

Stimulation of blood microcirculation, reduction and elimination of natural body fat such as cellulite without being invasive.
Decreasing the volume of the belly, legs, hips and arms.
Combat fluid retention.
Activation of the lymphatic system and elimination of excess water.
Elevation and stylization of buttocks.
Stress reduction. Relaxation of mind and body relieving physical and mental tension.
Firmer and more toned skin.
Everything and many more benefits that you can discover in our courses, without losing the natural connection since natural utensils are used, providing well-being in all senses.

Facial and body cosmetic application course

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Facial and body cosmetic treatment course in

11th of April


Facial and body cosmetic treatment course Salamanca

19th of April


Course cosmetic facial and body treatments Santander

16th of May