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Full Treatment Pack - Química Alemana

There’s no healthy nail without a healthy cuticle.

That’s the reason why we recommend to tackle the problem at its roots with this pack: Nail Hardener + Moisturizing Cuticles Treatment.

Moisturized cuticles will help your nails to grow up stronger and will make the hardener effect last longer. This way you will prevent any imperfection: roughness, discoloration, splitting, peeling in layers…

Combine our Química Alemana best-sellers and show off healthy nails for a longer time.

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How to apply Química Alemana Cuticles Treatment

Spread the product with the brush all over the cuticle and the proximal nail fold. 

Apply this treatment after each manicure or after washing hands or shower (max. 3 times a day)

How to apply Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

1. You can apply this treatment after the usual manicure and before the nail polish. The nail must be dry and clean.

2. Shake gently the bottle.

3. First four uses: apply a thin layer, from the half of the nail to the tip. Next uses: apply the product on the whole nail, without touching the skin and cuticles.

4. Wait until it completely dries out to apply any other products. It’s not necessary to use another base: Química Alemana protects the nail and increase the polish bonding.

5. It can be used once a week, máximum for 3 months.

6. Don’t worry if you feel a slight itch or tingling sensation in your nails at first, especially if they are too weak: it means the product it’s taking effect. Only remove it if this feeling becomes too uncomfortable or painful (you could be an allergic).

The bottle lasts enough for a whole treatment: both hands, once a week for 3 months. 

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