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The new acrylic Ultrabond replaces the old Universal Base. Considered as a primer, it acts as an acrylic fixative on the nail. It helps to waterproof the nail and dehydrate it for a moment, leaving the surface ready for a better adhesion. Achieves fixation and durability of the product from 20 to 30 days until its first touch-up. Contains pH balancer and does not require an additional product to ensure adhesion. Therefore, the use of this product is required as it allows the acrylic powder to adhere to the nail sheet. In addition, it is acid-free, so it does not burn the natural nail or cuticle. It does not contain MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), a toxic component declared by the FDA and the main cause of allergies. NO ODOR. With comfortable and ergonomic brush for the professional, so it facilitates the application and handling of the product.

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