Primer perfect blonder 15 ml Masgel

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Liquid product recommended to apply on the natural nail before starting the indicated work. It can act for up to 3 weeks, preventing the nail from generating grease. Transparent color.

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We will apply a layer by brushing on the natural nail without touching cuticles. With the application of the primer, we will ensure that the level of oil and hydration of the nail is adequate for maximum fixation and duration of the product. This product is especially recommended for clients in whom nail extensions or enamel last a short time.

It should not be used on very dry nails, since it will be very difficult to remove the product. In the case of enameling, if the enamel adheres very easily, we find ourselves with a very dry nail. It differs from the cleaner, in that, like it, it leaves the nail clean and degreased very effectively, but the primer only achieves it at the time of preparation, and for a long time, up to 3 weeks on normal nails.

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